Da smart forwo BoConcept singature style

smart, the car brand for urban mobility, and BoConcept, the Danish urban interior design specialist, are pooling their expertise in form and functionality. Together the design teams of both brands have created a collection of furniture and accessories and a smart fortwo cabrio. The “smart fortwo BoConcept signature style” and the “smartville collection” will be celebrating their Swiss debut at the Geneva Motor Show.

Using a smart BRABUS cabrio as their starting point, the designers from smart and BoConcept developed a vehicle that unites design trends
from both product worlds. The exterior has a sporty and very elegant appearance. At the same time the interior, which is dominated by natural materials such as leather and felt, has a warm, cosy character. As of March 2013 BoConcept Stores in various cities around the world will be using the smart fortwo BoConcept signature style as an agile brand ambassador.

The jointly designed smartville collection reflects the colour scheme and materials of the vehicle in the furniture and accessories. At the same time the functionality of the smart is the driving force. The heart of the collection is a modular sofa, whose standard length of 2.69 m corresponds exactly to the length of a smart fortwo.