Mercedes-Benz Summer Store Luxemburg

Mercedes-Benz opens a Summer Store in the Luxemburg city center


Luxemburg – As from the 20th of May, Mercedes-Benz Luxemburg opens a Mercedes-Benz Summer Store in the Luxemburg city center. The Summer Store will be the place to be for different kind of events where people can discover the world of Mercedes-Benz in a special way.

As from the 20th of May (untill the 30th of September 2017), Mercedes-Benz Luxemburg is proud to open a Mercedes-Benz Summer Store in the Luxemburg city center (46, Place Guillaume II). The Summer Store will be accessible from Monday till Saturday, from 9am till 6pm. On special occasions the store will also be opened later in the evening and even some Sundays.

The Mercedes-Benz Summer Store is ment to host different events in a typical Mercedes-Benz atmosphere, this to welcome young & old and everyone who wants to get in touch with the brand in a very relaxed and unformal way. The events will vary from the cultural domain (with live music or art) over the gastronomic domain (with cooking sessions) till lifestyle events and parties.

The main theme through all the events will be the newest “Grow Up” Mercedes-Benz campaign, this in order to attract younger & newer customer groups. Needless to say that at least 2 of our latest Mercedes-Benz cars will be permanently exhibited to attract the visitors. We’ve even foreseen a virtual reality corner in the Summer Store.

The opening VIP-event is planned for May 18th. Mercedes-Benz “Circle of Excellence Customers” will have the chance to experience the new store in a very private sneak preview event before the general opening on the next day.

This VIP event will be followed on the 19th of May by a special event for the youngest generation of Mercedes-Benz customers. Star DJ Felix Jaehn ( will present his brand new single (release date May 12th) and bring the mood to the boil.

In this context, different partnerships will be helt with some radiostations and business lifestyle magazines, this to promote the Mercedes-Benz Summer Store with different contests and prices.

Mercedes-Benz Luxemburg is very eager to start with the Summer Store and hopes to welcome you there on one of the special occasions.